Sat. May 21st, 2022

Will iPad Mini Reveal On The Educational Event, Following iPad 3 In October ?

Well rumours about iPad are on the top and above that Apple has called up the educational event on 19th January, Thursday. The top peeps are of the iPad right now. Sources around have claimed that this year there will be two iPads to reveal on ground, an iPad 3 and an iPad mini.

What will be iPad mini actually ? The educational event which is on Thursday is the first ever event by Apple to discuss about education. Jobs wanted the text book era to completely change, a new revolution to the education. In his biography by Water Isaacson he has told Isaacson about the text book era in an interview to him where he said that he wants to change the way children’s study and above that the iPad also started to move into the schools and children’s of course started to love it and the revolutionary applications also made them motivated to the studies which actually prescribes the idea of iPad mini, the eReader kinda device.

Our inside sources have reported that the iPad 3 will launch in late 2012 while the airy iPad mini will be launching on 19th, January 2012.

The iPad 3 may launch on the WWDC or in the fourth quarter of 2012 which will be the sane time when the iPhone 4S came out of the hook. The iPad mini will actually be having iBooks and will be the most advanced eReader on the planet.

As the rumors have been blowing up, lets see what will happen but actually the iPad mini should be the new advanced eReader.