Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

Apple Has Just Publishes The iPad Launch Event Video

In addition to the updated main online website with addition of newer iPad glimpse and the arrival of new Apple TV, including the both devices pre-order pages. Apple has just quickly published the today’s iPad launch media event video on their website with the complete keynote detail of the upcoming device, exactly to the one they have lived performed in the Yerba Buena Center.

iPad 3 Launch Event Video

Apple has a tradition to upload its media events live on its website, after the actual event. Apple has in the past publishes many media events on its website for the users who have missed the entire media event, and the live streaming of their media event right from the house of Yerba Buena Center where they actually went to announce their new products publicly in front of media. Apple has today announced the iPad 3, iOS 5.1, iTunes 10.6, New Apple TV, and many other updated applications for the newer devices, and with the compatibility of the newly released iOS 5.1.

Apple has also pushed the iOS 5.1 update over-the-air for the users who have updated their devices to at least on the iOS 5.0; however, over-the-air updates are less bulky, and users won’t have to connect their devices with iTunes, in order to update their devices. Well, the new iPad launch media event is available for the users to watch directly from the Apple’s own dedicated website, as the Apple has prevented users from uploading and embedding the video into third party websites and blogs directly, instead they have warned users to redirect their users to Apple’s own website for the media event video. Here is the iPad 3 Launch Media Event Video.