Sat. May 21st, 2022

How iPad Jailbreak Tweak Quasar Help in Doing Multitasking

The latest tweak for iPad how now been launched. Quasar is the latest tweak which is exclusive to the jailbroken iPads only. The tweak allows the users to enjoy windows based multi tasking in your iPad with much ease.

What is Quasar?

As everyone knows that the users of iPads have been really adamant about real multitasking solution and are waiting for something that is simply amazing, they all are just counting the time to start using Quasar and see what all it can do for the iPad users.

How it works and how it helps?

The Quasar tweak needs iOS 5.0 and above and is even exclusive only to iPads. The tweak further offers the opportunity to the users to make true iPad experience of multi tasking. The tweak is in fact integrated with the multitask app or tray switcher that allows the users to kill application through holding or tapping the close button option.

The latest jailbreak tweak called Quasar is featured with amazing facilities that all iPad users were looking forward to enjoy. These include the tweak that offers the users the capability to open and use various windows, dragging all of them and using the full screen.

What users enjoy with Quasar?

The develop of the Quasar tweak, Pedro Franceschi reported that it is the Windows manager for the iPads. The tweak actually allows the users to run the various apps in windows which can further be moved, resized, expanded to full screen or even closed with ease. This simply means that you can easily run over one application at a time when using your iPad.

Benefits to enjoy with the tweak

Quasar is well integrated with the iOS so that when the users launch apps from Notification Center or Safari, the applications get launched in window easily. Some features worth noticing about Quasar include proper resolution, smooth running, integrated into the native multitasking and a lot more.

When Quasar is there on your device, the applications will then open in window state rather than in the full screen mode. This way, the users can easily move the apps to any location on the device by just holding bottom bar as well as dragging it on screen of the iPad.

Bottom bar in fact includes 4 buttons that permit the users to easily interact with window of application and not actually the application itself. The close button then closes the application thereby putting the app in background. The full screen option enlarges the window to full screen and more so, the rotate option rotates your application.

More features to know about Quasar

Apart from being integrated with Notification Center and Safari, it is even integrated with YouTube and App Store. This way, whenever the user of the iPad taps on some link that needs opening some native app, the device will work and function normally.

So, when you are confident about the features that come along with the Quasar tweak, you can go ahead and use it for your iPad now. You will definitely love to do multitasking on your device usin