Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

iPad iOS4.3 Multitouch Gestures Hands ON [Video]

Hey folks if you have missed the news that yesterday Apple had released iOS4.3 Beta1 only for Developers. Then we told you about the new features in the upcoming iOS4.3. The best and attracting feature was of Multi-touch gesture for iPad.

Every one wanted to see that how it looked like even us. You can see the video below on how it works and what is it.


After seeing this video we were happy that Apple First Time life made something good for their iDevcies. Don;t you guys think that Apple really made a use of his upcoming iOS4.3. And if you want to see more features you can see here.

This video is not from us, this video was made by some Gizmodo Member. We would like to thanks her for making this video and showing us that how do the new feature looks on iPad and how it works.