Sat. May 28th, 2022

iPad Has More Than 20,000 Education Apps In App Store Says Apple

Apple has been start making buzzes with their ongoing Education-focused event today in New York City, the company’s vice president of worldwide marketing has just took the stage to make couple of announcements of upcoming devices and the goals of Apple. Phil Schiller has just announced to the media that company’s iPad has already a good grip in education, as the App Store have been carrying more than 20,000 dedication educational focused applications for the iPad users from couple of weeks.

Phil Schiller has revealed the view of Apple, how they want to rebirth of the study with their technology, and wants to solve the all problems faced by thousands of students across the world. Schiller has revealed couple of insights of Apple regarding the achievement of iPad 2 among the students and business, as well as the matrix of Apple achievement in Education business.


Phil Schiller told the media that Apple’s App Store is now carrying more than 20,000 generous educational apps for the company’s iconic tablet, including the few main titles (The Elements, Frog Dissection, Virtual Rome, Art Authority and more). Schiller also told the media that more than 1.5 million iPads are now have been using by people around the world for education purposes.


Apple has as well on the way to launch a new version of iBooks 2, and Pages ’12 that allow publications to easily publish their content as ebooks for the iBooks and the Newsstand, the service Apple has recently launched with the iOS 5.