Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

iPad Baseband 6.15.00 Will be Downgraded to 5.13.02 to Fix GPS on iPhone 3G/ 3GS [Confirmed]

Some time back we told you that iPad baseband downgrade is coming soon. That Soon never came and we all are stuck on iPad baseband which is 6.15.00 and Unlocked on iPhone 3G and 3GS. When we updated it Redsn0w said a big warning that you think twice before doing it. Once done there is no way back to old baseband.

Till now we all are stuck with  a hope that the Baseband will be downgraded as we got no GPS on iPad baseband 6.15.00. Some of those who were smart stayed on old baseband 5.12.02 and 5.13.02 and waited for Snowbreeze and PWNAGE Tool to get updated to Preserve the baseband.

Some people are on iOS 4.3.1 on iPhone 3GS without the iPad baseband and waiting for the Unlock for the new baseband which is 5.16.02 should know that no Unlock will come for the new Baseband.

Similarly a person on Twitter having the same new baseband 5.1602 on iPone 3GS asked MuscleNerd about the Baseband Unlock.

@MuscleNerd what about people with 3GS firmware 4.3.1 and baseband 5.16.02? How long do we have to wait to unlock our devices 🙁 i hope soon

@macOSxandiOS (because the downgrade from 06.15 goal is much higher priority than explicit 05.14,05.15, or 05.16 unlock. Achieves same.)

The Dev-Team doesn’t want to waste time on making the new Unlock for the basebands 5.14.02,5.15.02, and 5.16.02.

A fan who totally lost the hope for the baseband Downgrade of iPad baseband 6.15.00 asked MuscleNerd on Twitter:

@MuscleNerd it seems you guys have no interest in fixing gps issues with 6.15.00. Am I right??

@Kamiela2010 the downgrade potential from 06.15 remains (in my mind) 99% doable, but other things always seem to preempt working on it

If you ask us about the E.T.A for this thing, As we told before and we will say the same. It will come after iPhone 4 Unlock. So wait will be longer and those who didn’t updated to iPad baseband must not Update and they should wait for the further confirmation. They might be able to Downgrade from 5.16 and below.



We will soon get a downgrade tool from iPhone Dev Team, they have stated on the first ever jailbreak convention MyGreatFest that they will surely release the tool after the public release of iOS 5. iOS 5 is rumored to be launch around October’s 2nd week, ahead of iPhone 5 launch.