Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

iPad Banned In Another China City, Apple To Sue Proview

Apple has been fighting with a company from the last couple of months on the lawsuit, in which the Chinese based company called Proview sues Apple while claiming that they own the rights of word “Ipad”, and Apple is defending itself by saying that they have also purchased the rights of “iPad” from the UK Proview to use the name, and holds rights on the trademark in more than 30 countries, but it appears that Chinese courts are not good with Apple and sides with Proview. It is reported that some Chinese courts are banning the iPad throughout China.

It is reported by Associated Press that another local China court in Huizhou has recently sided with Proview on the dispute claim and ordered to drop iPad from selling lists. Huizhou court is not the only country in the China that has banned the iPad sale, many other cities also start their work on the ban of iPad in the China until Apple doesn’t settle the trademark case with Proview. As we all know, Apple is not one of them who fears from the legal calls, they are in the ground and still fighting with Proview in China by saying that they have owned the trademark right from UK Proview many years ago, moreover, Apple sent a legal letter to Proview that they are suing Proview on using fake statements in media over their trademark dispute.

Proview has also started asking many Chinese cities to place a ban on the import and export of iPad in the China, Proview claims that Apple hasn’t purchased the rights of the use of “Ipad” moniker in China, and pressurizing Apple to pay them a $400 million to settle down this case in China. In the answer to the Proview claims, Apple simply started filing its own lawsuits all over the country against Proview, saying the Chinese company has made “defamatory statements” in media that have hurt Apple’s business / brand reputation in China.

Apple has many times gives a lot of importance to China, as the ex-CEO Steve Jobs says in the statement that they have some special plans for the China, and China is proven to be a big money market for Apple in their sales.