Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

iPad And Skype Helps A New Dad To Watch His Son Delivery (Photo)

Joshua Sanchez a Marine Corp soldier who had been deployed to Iraq and then to Afghanistan. He was not yet back from his latest deployment when he heard that soon he is going to become a Father.

Like every Father he also wanted to be there with his Wife to see his new son. While he was on duty in Afghanistan,Monica, said a nurse at GRMC had suggested Sanchez make a Skype visit on delivery day, but the father was unsure if he could get away from his duty and could come on Skype to see the delivery of his son.Luckily at the eleventh hour he some how managed to get away from his duties and borrowed a computer and Skype account from a  civilian contractor friend. Where as Monica’s brother and sister-in-law, Jacob and Manda Leal, supplied an iPad and Skype account on their end.

“We had a few glitches, but once he could hear us and we could hear him it went really well,” Manda said.

When Joshua was on Skype to watch the delivery, It was pretty exciting for him to see every one and for every one to see him.

“It was a good experience,” he said. “He hadn’t seen everyone in a long time, he hadn’t seen Monica since February.”

Monica’s mother was really excited when she saw the face of Joshua on the iPad screen.

“We all applauded when he finally came up,” she said with a laugh.

Janelle Walker, director of the birthing center at GRMC added that Hospital has seen very few Fathers who appeared on Skype and witnessed their Child Birth. He also added that this also allows parents to stay connected to each other emotionally at their Child Birth.

“I feel like it’s really helpful for them to have that emotional connection with their significant other,” she said. “It really gives the parents a way to bond during the birth.”

Now you can see the Mother and the Child below in the Picture which was sent by their family members.

Special Delivery

This photo, sent in by the Sanchez-Leal families, shows the new parents Joshua Sanchez and Monica Leal with little Bradyn. Joshua, who is serving in Iraq, attended his son’s birth via Skype.

All credit goes to Apple and Skype for making this moment a remarkable moment for Joshua and his Wife. iPad and Skype now got the best combination after this remarkable Story.

What do you think about this Story? Would it be possible without Skype or iPad?

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