Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

iPad 3 To Have Mysterious “A5X” Processor Not A6 Quad Core

Earlier report suggests that iPad 3 to be have a quad-core processor from Apple named “A6”, as following the introduction series of Apple’s own branded micro-processors for its devices. Apple equipped iPhone 4 with A4, and the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 both with the A5 processor, and therefore, tech geeks out there believes that the next-generation iPad 3 will carry the A6 – quad core processor, but it thinks that earlier assumption on the adoption of processor bit wrong. As the new post from Chinese forum, shows a picture of the iPad 3 logic board with having a new named processor “A5X”.

If we believe in the picture, then we are soon going to see a iPad 3 with “A5X” powered processor, which is still unknown to most of the tech bug people there, and as well as it will break the processor chain in Apple world. As highlighted by the folks of MacRumors, the A5X processor carries a built-in code that suggests the processor was manufactured in November 14th-20th, in short in the 46th week of 2011. However, it might be the logic board of earlier iPad 3 prototypes surrounding around the globe by Apple to its most trustable manufacturing partners.

The logic board of iPad 3 prototype looks similar to the iPad 2, as it carries couple of things similar to the iPad 2 and the 16GB flash memory from the Hynix. The purported part leak image just added a bit confusion in the market rumor mill, from now it is not clear whether Apple going to power iPad 3 with A6 or with the A5X micro-processor. On the other side, iPad 3 is rumored to be getting a Retina Display, LTE chip, and purely upgraded 8MP camera, and the device is rumored to be launching somewhere in the first week of March.