Fri. May 27th, 2022

iPad 3 To Have A 2048×1536 Retina Display (Confirmed)

In the time period of the last couple of months, several photos of purported iPad 3 display make their way on the publication websites claiming to be a Retina Display for the iPad 3. In last week, some retailers just got their hands on the new retina display actively, and with their access to the new display, the news just started surfacing  that Apple is for surely going to power the iPad 3 with Retina Display, but still there was no true confirmation of these claims so far.

However, every other person just believes on the earlier sources claim that the iPad 3 will carry Retina Display, and on that words they have been reporting from months on the display. But according to the today’s report from MacRumors, the folks just got their hands on the iPad 3 display, and confirmed the nation that iPad 3 is going to get a Retina display screen. The folks just measure and tested the display screen by examining it under a microscope which conforms to them about the existence of the new ultra-high resolution retina display.

The folks just compare the new iPad 3 display screen panel with iPad 2 screen panel under microscope and get to know that the new display screen carries such small pixels than present on the iPad 2 display, and able to confirm the word with their evidence that iPad 3 is said to be powered with Retina Display settings. It is reported that the new iPad 3 display will support 4 times more than normal iPad 2 screen and will display more than 2048×1536 resolution on the iPad with A6 Quad-Core processor from Apple. Apple is expected to launch iPad 3 on a media event in the first week of March, likely to be on March 7th.