Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

iPad 3 To Feature Haptic On-Screen Objects Texture Technology

The last moment rumors about the upcoming iPad 3 is driving the media crazy, as the last moment rumors are suggesting many unexpected things about the upcoming devices. The most-recent rumor from the rumor mill is suggesting that iPad 3 might feature the new haptic technology on its display panel that would give on-screen objects texture to the users on the Retina Display panel of iPad 3. The last moment rumor mill has just linked its story to a Finnish company Senseg with Apple on the adoption of this technology in the iPad 3, and fueled the whole media with the tagline of Apple’s iPad 3 invitation: “We have something you have to see. And touch.”


There are many reports surrounding in rumor mills in the past on the involvement of Apple with Senseg on some new generation device projects, but have never seen any transparent update from any of both companies. But, this morning the mainstream publication, The Guardian just climbed in the rumor mill with its claim that Apple and Senseg have been working together to put something crazy on the iPad 3, and is expected that Apple will adopt Senseg’s technology for its iPad 3. The Guardian, has reported that earlier last year they have interviewed Senseg’s executive which hint them about the work with Apple on some project, and while following their old report, they are now claiming that iPad 3 will feature haptic technology that brings on-screen objects texture.

In addition to The Guardian’s report, other mainstream blogs have also weighed into the report with claims of their sources who reported them about the similar technology arrival in the upcoming iPad 3. The folks over Pocket-lint have reportedly contacted the Senseg executives to comment on their relation with Apple, and discuss the involvement of their company on the iPad 3’s project. The executive directly stated that they would not make any statement before the Apple’s upcoming device announcement.

However, it appears that another interesting feature is coming up in the iPad 3, along with already hyped Retina Display and 4G LTE adoption.