Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

iPad 3 To Announce On March 7th With Quad Core Processor, Retina Display

More reports come today following the earlier last week rumor of AllThings D on which publication reported that Apple is planning to hold an event in the first of the week of March on 7th to announce the next-generation iPad 3 while following the launch of the device in an upcoming week. iMore comes up with a confirming news on the All Things D report, and says that their sources also claim that Apple is likely to hold an event on 7th March.


In addition to the launch date confirmation, the publication also notes the specifications of the device, and states the upcoming new hardware update of the iPad 3. iPad 3 is likely to spot a retina display panel with capabilities of 2048×1536 pixels resolution, along with A6 Quad-core processor from Apple, including the next generation 4G LTE chipset to power the device on the next-generation device.  iMore reported that they have heard the report from the most reliable source.

iMore not only confirms the upcoming features of the device, while other sources in the market also reports the same specification updates. In the most recent purported parts leak of the iPad 3, we come to know that the device is also going to carry a new camera system under its hood just like an iPhone 4S camera system. iPad 3 is expectedly able to stream the 1080p content and therefore, Apple will soon roll out new option to iTunes Store to seed 1080p HD content to iOS devices.