Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

iPad 3 Units Are Already On Way From China To United States [RUMOR]

While the iPad 3 is highly expected to be announcing in the first week of the upcoming month in March, some new rumor tidbits are rising rapidly in different forums to leak further details about the next major announcement of the iPad 3 launch by Apple. It is reported that iPad 3 units are already in the move from China to United States for the launch of the device in the upcoming month. The leak document of iPad 3 shipping is revealed on the internet in a micro-blogging website of China, Sina Weibo, and then highlighted and discussed in many other famous Chinese forums.


A new document is revealed today on the micro blogging website suggests that the iPad 3 shipments are beginning on February 26th from Foxconn to the United States. The leaked document reveals the detailed information of iPad 3 units’ shipments from China Foxconn to Apple in United States. It is reported that Apple’s front faced transport companies required high security on the Airport while the shipment process of the iPad 3 units from the tunnel to cargo jets.

There is a machine translated words from the Chinese Forum posters, who posted the leaked document and images from the AirPort:

Friends broke the news: Chengdu International Airport at major international cargo charter flights, cargo owners demanding security, from CTU takeoff by stop PVG Shanghai, and then directly to ORD Chicago, the JFK New York, LAX in Los Angeles, March 9, completed before transport. According to the privately disclosed the Chengdu F production for the U.S. A company’s latest products…


Received friends inside information, Chengdu International Airport night cargo charter flights, said the owner of the security demanding, and in private that the Chengdu Fu X Kang new products. Takes note of the location of the United States (ORD Chicago, JFK New York, LAX in Los Angeles)

In short, the leaker who posted the image on the micro-blogging website is claiming that iPad 3 shipments are already on the way from China to United States, and will be delivering in three of America’s biggest airports soon. From the airports, these shipments are likely to be transported through the fleet of HGVs (Heavy Goods Vehicles) to distribution centers. Due to the risks of theft and damage to products, trucking companies generally purchase truck insurance (similar to Top HGV Goods in Transit Insurance Cover).

According to the poster, the initial deliveries of the device will begin by Friday, March 9th. In other reports, Apple is highly expected to launch its newer iPad 3 in the start of upcoming month, and will follow the announcement while launching the device world-wide right after a week of announcement.