Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

iPad 3 Retina Display Artwork Is Actually A Very Big – Check Out Image

Since the rumors have confirmed that iPad 3 is going to get a Retina Display screen under its hood, and many supply chain sources leaked images of the retina display manufactured for the iPad 3, it is confirmed that iPad 3 is getting a retina display finally this time from Apple. iPad 3 is rumored to be launching in the first week of March, in a media event on Wednesday 7th, March. It is obvious that Apple has been working with many developers to land some retina display carrying applications in the App Store for the iPad 3 right on the launch of the device, and some other developers have also started their work from a long time to make their retina display applications ready for the boom time.

Everyone there is readying up itself for the iPad 3 launch, and the things to test on the device exclusively, same time developers are readying their applications, and different tweaks to test on the iPad 3 on the launch of the device. It appears a developer named “James Thomson” who recently developed iOS calculator PCalc, recently posted an interesting image on his Twitter profile. He stated on his profile that he was working on iPad Retina artwork, and “just in case” and the result of Retina artwork for iPad is really big.

He published a Retina artwork image for the next-generation iPad, the image is embedded above in the post is specially resized to be fixed in our blog layout, but you can check out the actual size of the image by clicking there, to check the original image size. iPad 3 is rumored to be getting a resolution of 2048×1536 with the next-generation Retina Display, moreover on Retina Display, Apple has not yet announced anything to the iOS developers on the Retina Display artwork.