Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

iPad 3 Production To Start As Early As October 2011

Well it’s time to forget Steve Jobs and Tim Cook stories, and let’s talk about the third generation iPad, which is rumored by several to release this fall, but later confirmed by reports from manufacturing partners of Apple that we will not see iPad 3 this year, but now according to a new believe report Apple has done with all contracts and just ordered to begin the production of iPad 3 as early as October, and interestingly without any Samsung on board component.

As we have reported or you guys already know, Apple is making some distance from the Samsung and already seeking for new display suppliers for its iPad and iPad 2, according to the report of CENS, Apple has fixed its deal with LG Display, to provide display panels for the future tablet devices of Apple, means to provide display panels for the iPad 3. On other hand it was also reported that Apple is also interested to invest some money in Sharp Display and inked them as a second supplier for display.


Foxconn is reported to still continue the device’s assembly, but just like display case. Apple is also said to be lining up a deal with Pegatron Corp as a second assembler for its device, all of the moves from Apple only suggests that in couple of months we will see Apple while shipping massive amount of devices to compete with the demand of its user and resellers.