Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

iPad 3 Production Begins, Coming In March With 4G LTE Network Support

It appears that Apple is on the edge with the production of iPad 3, and all ready to launch the device in early March this year similarly to the iPad 2 launch.  Apple is most recently expected by the Bloomberg sources to launch the iPad 3 in early March, along with higher-resolution display screen means Retina Display, running on a faster processor means A6 quads-core processor, and to be compatible with all latest wireless networks means to be have power to connect with 4G LTE networks.

According to the report, the Cupertino Company’s manufacturer partners have just started the production of the iPad 3 from this month, and plan to reach the full volumes by February to launch the device by early March this year.
Since the launch of the iPad 2, we have started hearing about the Retina Display arrival on the iPad series, along with controversial claims from the sources, which claims that iPad 2 hardware is not much powerful to carry the Retina display, normally means to double up the current resolution pixels on the device, as the Retina Display technology requires more GPU with powerful batteries. This year, Apple is rumored to deliver a iPad 3 along with more powerful batteries, and double back-light lids to power the Retina Display on the next-generation device.

Addition to these claims, Bloomberg also noted that Apple is on line to deliver the iPad 3 along with the support for next-generation wireless protocols, which allow users to connect with the latest distributed 4G LTE network, and says that Apple is experimenting with the 4G LTE network compatibility first in iPad, as the device comes with larger and powerful batteries than iPhone.