Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

iPad 3 Not Coming This Fall (September 2011) – Report

In earlier days of this year, we heard from several sources that this year we may get two iPad revisions from Apple. Earlier rumors suggested that we get iPad 2 in the first week of March and then may be iPad 3, in the fall (September) of 2011. But now the report came from Digitimes says that earlier rumors which we heard were totally false.


Digitimes hears from the component makers of Apple that there is no information and specification provided by Apple to them about the component manufacturing of third generation iPad. Even they believe the iPad 3 won’t come out this year.

The sources pointed out that they have not yet received any notice for next generation iPad products and do not believe iPad 2 is a transitional product. With iPad 2’s strong shipment order forecast from Apple, the sources believe iPad 3 will not appear in the short term.