Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

iPad 3 Leaked Parts Compared, A Slightly Thicker Profile Than iPad 2

Apple is expected to launch its next-generation iPad 3 tablet somewhere in the first week of March. As the launch days come, the manufacture sources around the world heavily started leaking the purported parts of the iPad 3, most recently last week we have seen the back cover of the iPad 3 and the Retina-display panel manufactured by Sharp display. Today one of the part reseller took all the parts in one place and compares it with the last generation iPad 2. According to the comparison profile, we come to know that Sharp’s LCD will give 2048×1536 pixel resolution to the iPad 3 users.

The back panel of iPad 3 hints a slightly thicker profile than the iPad 2, a thicker back cover suggests more room space to include new heavy components in the device such as retina display with dual-back LED lights and the heavy batteries to power the device for more hours than any.  Sharp was rumored from a long time to become the Apple’s first choice for the displays, as the Samsung and Apple is going on under coupled of law suits each other.  The new back cover of iPad 3 also hints at the advanced camera system in the iPad 3.

Apple is rumored to be sporting the iPad 3 with HD front camera to power the HD Facetime calls on the new retina display carrying devices. From the iPad 3 back-cover, the outside hole of the camera suggests diameter of 7mm, while from inside its 4.5mm It totally hints on the new technology discovered by Apple and spotted in the new iPhone 4S with 5 lenses.   Further more into it, we come to know that Apple is soon going to roll out the 1080p content streaming on its iTunes Store as the iPad 3 going to carry the A6 processor with capabilities of playing 1080p content on the device.