Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Thicker iPad With Retina Display In March, Aluminum Casing iPhone 5 In Summer

One of the most reliable sources of the iLounge has spilled some beans of the detail information about Apple’s 2012 plans for the iPad 3 and iPhone 5. The source has revealed some information regarding the both devices in terms of design, actually what’s to come next year? According to the source, iPad 3 is on the first number in Apple’s 2012 roadmap. The iLounge reports that iPad 3 to be a slightly thicker than the current generation iPad 2, but only to get the most demanded higher-res display, seems to be Retina Display, and for the rumored dual back-light display system in next gen iPad.

The source also believes that Apple to may introduce iPad 3 in January and then follow the launch of the iPad 3 in March, as it rumored couple of time in the last few months. iLounge source as well claims that Apple is working on an iPhone model for the summer launch, the same time period that was highlighted by many other sources. According to their design report, the source says the new iPhone to carry 4-inch display and an aluminum back casing similar to iPad 2.

The source clearly mentions that the new iPhone not to be carries the teardown drop design which we have seen this year, but something entirely new look. The source gets in details about the next iPhone and said the new iPhone will bit longer than the iPhone 4S, similar to the prototypes teardown designs was.

In addition to it, iLounge also sticks with their old rumor that we will be seeing an ultra-thin MacBook Pro in 2012.