Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

iPad 3 Back-Shell Measurement Suggests iPad 3 0.8mm Thicker Than iPad 2

Earlier this month we have reported you about the detailed comparison of the iPad 2 vs iPad 3 side-by-side back-shell by the Chinese folks, who claimed that iPad 3 back-shell is said to be a slightly thicker than the iPad 2, and comes with more tapered sides edges than iPad 2. The earlier report roughly says that the iPad 3 is appeared to be 1mm thicker than the iPad 2, but no confirm measurements have been revealed there until today, a new Sina Weibo users successfully able to get hands on both devices back-shell and measures the thickness with proper tools.
ipad 3
(Note: Text labels added by image poster are off by a factor of ten. Readings on caliper are correct.)

According to the newly highlighted comparison photo published by the Sina Weibo confirms the measurements between the both devices back-shell covers. The new photo shows the result of the iPad 2 rear-shell measures in at 8.69 mm thick while the upcoming device iPad 3 back-shell part is measured at in 9.50 mm, that shows the difference of 0.81mm among both devices design.

While the sources are still busy in confirming the leak detailed about the iPad 3 device, the Apple has apparently took the stage and sent out the iPad 3 launch event on the March 7th. The device launch event is appeared to be now scheduled for the March 7th, and the Apple is rumored to launch the iPad 3 along with other updated models of the Apple TV. The device is already expected to be a slightly thicker than older, as the newer device is carries the Retina Display, and the larger room to bring more powerful batteries under the hood of iPad slim style. The iPad 3 is appeared to be look similar to the iPad 2