Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

iPad 3 Back Shell Hands On Suggest No Identical Changes

The Editor in Chief of iLounge, Jeremy Horwitz has reportedly claimed in this evening that he has seen the back shell of the iPad 3, and its other components that suggest the team that iPad 3 will be slighter thicker than iPad 2 and will carry the powerful camera update like iPhone 4S. Last year, he has also revealed the back shell of iPad 2 during the CES 2011 from his sources, and this year he claimed to be having hands-on with iPad 3 rear shell.


In the past, he has a really good track with the leaks of Apple iOS device’s leaks, and the company / blog is already famous for providing the inner details of the device by tearing down the devices exclusively. According to his experience with the next-generation iPad back shell, he found out that Apple has not changed the exterior design of the iPad, instead it will only get speed bump like all devices get last year.

The iPad 3’s exterior design is said to be “unnoticeable on first inspection,” means that the next-generation device is not going to get any identical physical changes, which means that accessory makers not need to create any special cases or accessories for iPad 3 because according to the report, it only going to get the speed bump and few features from Apple like iPhone 4S.  He noted that the rear camera of iPad 3 will be bigger than iPad 2 and supports HD recording, as well as the front camera is rumored to get the HD recording for HD video calls.

In another rumors, we have learnt from the rumor mill that iPad 3 to be a Retina Display device, and it will be slightly thicker than the iPad 2 because two back lid use to power the Retina display on the iPad 3. It was also reported that Apple might be named it as “iPad 2S or iPad HD,” as it not going to get any identical updates from Cupertino Company.