Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

iPad 3 Announcement Media Event Live Streamings

Finally the moment has just arrived, as the Apple’s upcoming iPad 3 media event is just few hours away from us. Many of the techie lovers are already going crazy about the upcoming device media event, and start camping out in front of the media center, where Apple is actually going to introduce its upcoming devices. The time is rapidly moving ahead to the media event announcement, and we are all waiting for the media event updates. Many of you may have already setup their alarms, and other to-do lists especially for the Apple Media Event time, and now getting ready their self for the media event.

In addition to especially time settings, we have seen many users around the world have been looking for online live streaming to the event and want to cover the event right from the live stream. We are also actually looking for live streams to provide our readers with the huge compatibility of the streams with portable devices like iPad, and iPhone. Many users wish to follow the event on their devices, like iPhone. However, currently there are less number of unofficial live streams are available, as Apple has yet to announce the new live streaming page for their iPad 3 announcement.

Well, many users are currently confused about the upcoming devices, as the rumor mills have leaked a lot of content in the past few hours to the tech blogs. There are couple of things that are highly expected to be coming today on the iPad 3 media event:


  1. 1.     iPad 3
  2. 2.     Apple TV
  3. 3.     iOS 5.1
  4. 4.     XCode
  5. 5.     New SmartCover

Well, there are our expectations of the devices, and obviously these are the things which were highly rumored by the sources in the last couple of month’s right after the announcement of iPad 2. However, we are still few hours away from the media event announcement, and in the meantime we have successfully able to bring some live Streaming of the event for you guys! Check out the live streaming of the event here on our live blogging web page.