Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

iPad 3 and iPad 2 Back-Shell Side by Side Comparison: More Tapered Edges

In a mega post of iPad 3 surrounding rumors, the MICGadget has posted some better side by side iPad 3 and iPad 2 back-shell comparison photos on their report, and believes that they got hands on the iPad 3 back-shell MICGadget roundup post carries the number of comparison photos on their blog, suggesting that the new back shell of iPad 3 is thicker than iPad 2, and confirms the earlier rumor reports which suggest that iPad 3 will be a slightly thicker than iPad 2.

The new iPad 3 back-shell appears to have a more tapered design edge than the iPad 2, and the difference in the both iPad back-shell is minimal but due to some camera shot positioning, the iPad 3 back-shell appears a bit more tapered than original condition. The new iPad 3 back-shell is said to be only 1-1.5mm thicker than the iPad 2, but as we have said before it carries more tapered edge designs than iPad 2.

Moreover, in their comparison of iPad 2 and iPad 3 back-shell, the folks said that iPad 3 camera hole bit bigger than iPad 2, which hints on the arrival of new advanced type of camera lens, may be similar to the iPhone 4S. iPad 3 is rumored to be getting a 8MP camera, as the camera lens hole seems larger than iPad 2 and looks similar to the iPhone 4S camera lens hole.
The iPad 3 is said to be announced on a media event on March 7th, and is to be carrying a quad core processor, larger battery, and Retina Display panel that made iPad capable of 2048×1536 resolution.