Sat. Mar 6th, 2021

NYT Says iPad 3 To Have “Truly Amazing” Display Screen

It appears that Apple has been started testing the device inside their campuses among the few trusted employees of the company, and therefore, some publication sources got their hand on the device visually and physically. Following the morning report of the iPad 3 launch on the first week of March, The New York Times is now reporting that their sources just got their hand on the latest device, and according to the source, the device is said to be carrying the same design as iPad 2. In addition to the same design, the device will carry the “truly amazing” display screen.

The report from NYT weighs in the past few rumors about the iPad 3 that suggests that device go to get the Retina Display treatment, along with higher processing chip, likely to be a quad-core engine under the hood of sexy slim lady. iPad 3 is appeared to be as the device that going to only get the high speed tuning at Apple, with long rumored and wanted display screen ranges. Earlier today, we come across to some leak photos suggesting that iPad 3 to carry a Sharp Retina Display, and we haven’t yet able to confirm the depth of the iPad 3 screen resolution.

The New York Times report mostly carries the same data about the iPad 3, which we have been hearing from quite long time about the device. The interesting note in their report is their source got hands on to the device and much familiar with the display screen and therefore, he / she stated that iPad 3 going to get the “truly amazing” display screen. Apple is rumored to gear up iPad 3 with next-generation Retina Display, along with higher GPU’s produced by Apple’s owned A6 processor. iPad 3 is said to be carrying a similar design to iPad 2, and appears to be less slim than iPad 2.