Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

iSight 5 MP Camera Lens, Face Detection Comes In iPad 3

So the last time rumors was right about the forthcoming upgraded next-generation iPad camera lens, as the Apple has announced that the new upcoming “the New iPad” is carrying a new technology camera lens called “iSight” with 5 MegaPixel, and works similarly to the iPhone 4S advanced camera lens with 8MP. However, the new iPad is carrying a lot of camera lens features, like the IR filtering in the camera lens, and many more notable features.

Apple has introduced that the new iPad camera is now capable of recording really good videos, and as well as could be easily used to take the fine kind of images from it. “The New iPad” (third-generation generation iPad) is appeared to be the first iPad device from Apple which got such a powerful camera lens in the update. Apple has also updated the Camera.app UI for the iOS users, and includes more filter functionalities in it.

The new iPad is simply carrying a camera lens with 5MP and iSight new camera lens technology, along with the advanced optic management with IR filtering, auto focus and white balancing, and at last it is capable of Face detection like many other popular portable devices. We have seen last year; Apple has neglect the Camera importance in the iPad update, but this year, they have worked a lot on the device camera lens and the functionality.

In addition to the new advanced camera arrival, there was a rumor that claims the new iPad will carry front-face HD camera to support HD Facetime Calls, however, sadly we have to confirm that there is no front-face camera update in the new iPad. Apple has just pushed the progressive camera lens for rear-camera of iPad.