Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

iPad 2S Cases Have Started To Manufacture

iPad 2S, iPad 3, iPad mini, iPad 2S, iPad 3, iPad mini equals to WTF!! What ever is it the same story has started which occurred before the release of iPhone 4S. Rumors, Humors, Reports are in a complete large flow with a large bandwidth. Going over to the rumor round up we have been hearing the rumors that there will be two rather three iPads this year if you combine them all, one will be the iPad 3 with a complete new internal hardware, front camera to turn the FaceTime HD camera, rear advanced camera to be with the new sensor and HD. The iPad mini will be the eReader and the new iPad 2S will have a no good battery but will be a low cost model and similar to the old rumors and all of them may have the retina display, 4G LTE capability, Siri and as told before a quad core processor (A6).

9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman have reported that the iPad 2S cases have been started to manufacture by a Chinese company named “Chinee“.

Case producer “Chinee” of China has begun selling cases for a device that it called “iPad 2S.” The name obviously stems from the name iPhone 4S, where the S notes an internal technical specification update rather than a re-design. Based on previous “iPad 3? rumors, the new tablet will follow that naming convention. The new iPad is rumored to look identical to the iPad 2, but it will be slightly thicker. The seller of these “iPad 2S” cases said its new products fit a design that is 1MM thicker than the iPad 2?s form-factor. The case maker also claimed such design knowledge came from sources within Apple’s supply chain.

Before the iPhone 4S revealed the game was the same now the cases are being manufactured and they will be available around the stores and then the company folks will say that it was just over thought.. but still tomorrow is the educational event at NYC and we are expecting the iPad mini, at leat.