Sat. May 21st, 2022

iPad 2s Are Used By Qantas Airline To Stream Movies Over In Flight WiFi

Last time United Airlines planned to give Pilots iPads instead of carrying their bags with them. The iPads were said to replace the 38 pound of manual books which Pilots uses to carry with them on Flight. This was done to help the Pilots to reduce the weight they carry and they can use advanced technology and stay up to date with the latest manuals.

Now the Worlds First Airline, Qantas Airline from next month will begin Trials of Apple iPad 2 for in-flight entertainment, using WiFi to stream movies. The Six week trial is said to be beginning  from  October till First Week of December. The trial will be on one of the specific Aircraft of Qantas Airlines. The trial test will on specific single Boeing 767-300.

AUSBT reports that:

All passengers on the aircraft will be issued with an iPad 2 running a specialised ‘Q Streaming’ app which will act as the front-end for on demand content beamed from one of five wireless access points.

The plane will carry one tablet for each of the aircraft’s 254 seats, with several spares on hand.

It is said that the Qantas Airline will be having 5 WiFi Hotspots in-flight, which will help the passengers to stream videos by the Q-Stream App. Devices other than iPad 2 like Android and ETC are also supported and they can also work with the system. The Q Streaming app is based on Lufthansa Systems’ Board Connect technology, variations of which are also being used by Virgin America.

“The system is able to support a variety of devices and the ultimate goal is for customers to bring their own devices if they choose.”

Their ultimate goal is that, customers bring their own Devices. That would be good. They should make sure that people don’t start to Jailbreak their iDevices during the in-flight WiFi.