Sat. Sep 18th, 2021

iPad 2 to hit market with 512MB of Ram – Report

If you have subscribed to latest updates on iPad 2 from some Technology Website, than you must have in your knowledge that nows a day, Apple’s next generation iPad 2 topic getting lots of heat and the most question able topic is, what would the specs of iPad 2? and is iPad 2 coming with the 512 Ram or 1 GB Ram? But now, thanks to Appleinsider for their report on which they are claiming that next-gen iPad 2 has 512MB of Ram, Same as iPhone 4.

We still hold this information in rumor category because a Korean semiconductor analyst Kakeun Lee, claims that Apple’s New A5 processor will sport 512MB of Ram. Even many of us wanted or have thought that iPad 2 will hit market with a 1 GB of Ram! Does the thought of iPad 2 getting 512MB RAM bother you?