Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

iPad 2 Jailbreak Teaser Image Proved Fake, ETA of JailbreakMe 3.0 Unknown

Have you checked the recent post in which we claim that iPad 2 jailbreak might be released today by Comex? Well if yes, than sorry! Because the proof we have posted seems to be fake means to belong to the original hacker, Comex. We have already said in our post that we are not confirmed on it, because we are not involved in this fake act, we have just got it from the Nexus forum user, who claimed that he got the picture. But now after confirming over the jailbreak community we come across to thiese words that the picture is fake and no jailbreak will come out today.

It doesn’t mean that there is not a iPad 2 jailbreak, don’t lose your hope. The hacker behind the JailbreakMe has already announced that the jailbreak is almost ready and will come out soon, but not give a any eta about the release of the jailbreak!