Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

iPad 2 Jailbreak Demoed On Video, Looks Fake or Real?

Well what you heard is right not wrong. We came across a new rumor which has started to lighten up. iPad 2 is Jailborken on iOS 4.3.2 and it is demoed on video. The person who claims to jailbreak iPad 2 is some French and it is not clear whether the Video is a Faker or real. Below is the first Video Demoed by him.



Jailbreak iPad 2 untethered by me : My name is ” d0nfynx”

He claims to perform an Untethered Jailbreak and he never restarted his iPad 2 and there are some cuts in the Video. Still the proof is not clear, so he demoed another video.


Seriously a big faker. Don’t ever believe him. He didn’t showed the Loader App opening in the second video and it was already opened. So it is a full Photoshop work.

This guy claiming to Jailbreak iPad 2 Untethered is 100% Fake till now according to his videos and he is not any official member of the Dev Team or the Chronic Dev Team. So please don’t be fooled around with these type of Fakers who claim to perform a Jailbreak.

No words are said on the official release or if they have found the iPad 2 Jailbreak yet or not.