Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

iPad 2 is Completely Carrier Unlocked, Confirmed by iPhone Dev Team

Just after the release of iPad 2, there are a lot of things running around the web especially for Jailbreakers and those users who relies on carrier unlock, today early in the morning we got some bad news for iPad 2 jailbreakers that iPhone Dev teams & iH8sn0w confirms that the recently founded Limera1n and SHatter exploit are patched in iPad 2. Now we got the confirmation news from iPhone Dev team again that iPad 2 is carrier unlock.


Musclenerd says:

The iPad2 unlock status was completely expected, just confirming it for those who want to use T-Mobile instead of AT&T. Doesn’t apply to i4 (link)


Confirming iPad2 is carrier unlocked: (same BB as iPhone…unlock status is in per-device “seczone”)


MuscleNerd of iPhone Dev Team Confirms over twitter, that iPad 2 is carrier unlock and you can run any network on it. There is no need to unlock it or wait for unlock for it. Now, iPad 2 needs just a jailbreak tool so guys wait for the new exploit to discover and for the jailbreak tool to kick out.