Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

iPad 2 Equipped With Large Speakers?

MacOtakara, a Japanese blog which published rumors about the next iPad, has produced a mockup of what they say the new wide-range speaker will look like.? Below are somethings told by a Chinese Web called Macotakara

According to an anonymous Chinese source, next iPad will be 3mm smaller than the current one. The height of the new iPad will be 239mm and the width will be 186mm.

The LCD screen will remain the same in size and the back face shape of the case will be flat like an iPod touch.

Some leaked photos show that a hole in the lower right of the rear panel is neither a USB connector nor a SD card slot. It is a large, wide-ranged speaker unit covered with metal mesh.

Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) has been moved to the upper center of the rear panel and has new 3mm slim hole.

The 3G model has parts for antennas in the upper part in the same way as the present.

According to the source, the production stock has been started to prepare for the new iPad and shipping date seems to be sometime between mid to end of January.

Some features we already know like Retina Display, Dual Camera, Face time and it will be much faster than the previous one. These things are confirmed by our sources. And the new iPad2 is going to launch in January as we have told you before and it is confirmed. we don’t know the exact date.

Below is a screen shot of an iPad2. This can be an imaginary because it is given by some Chinese web.

Almost all the features have been revealed. So we don’t think that Apple will surprise with any new features. We wish if Apple can putĀ  a Flash light in the next gen iPad so it can beat up coming Tablets.

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