Fri. Sep 17th, 2021

iPad 2 Can be Jailbreak on iOS 4.3 with i0n1c Exploit

With the launch of iPad 2 and iOS 4.3 final version we hear a lot of bad news regarding untethered jailbreak and especially for iPad 2 owners that they have to wait for a long time for jailbreak until dev’s found some new exploit to jailbreak. i0n1c, the iPhone hacker who recently managed to jailbreak the iOS 4.3 on original iPad and also show of the video, says that his founded exploit may be also jailbreak the iPad 2 on iOS 4.3.


Stefan Esser aka i0n1c, says it’s only a possibility that his founded exploit can bring untehtered jailbreak to iPad 2, he also said he can’t test his exploit until he buy the new iPad 2. So after a day of bad news, this day comes with positive news for iPad 2 owners, who recently lose their hopes on hearing that all the exploits were patched.