Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

iPad 2 And iPhone 5 Support To Be Made In The Upcoming Userland Greenpois0n Tool

Moments ago P0sixninja and iOPK confirmed about the upcoming Jailbreak tool Greenpois0n which was expected to be updated some time soon. Today at MyGreatFest the team announced that they will bring out an Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 5 and iPhone 5 with 5 different exploits.

What a combination of 5. They also announced that their upcoming tool will be Userland based.

The Userland jailbreak is a client side jailbreak. The entire rooting is done on the client (device’s) side. The famous method to do is to use the PDF exploit.

Paul Pols also confirms the news of the Jailbreak

Chronic Dev Team announced a userland jailbreak for iOS 5 that will use 5 exploits. Expected to be compatible with iPhone 5! #MyGreatFest

The Chronic-Team also said that they are ready for the Jailbreak now, they can perform the Jailbreak now. But they don’t have an iPhone 5 to Jailbreak. The Jailbreak will be Untethered and will support iPad 2 also. The reason they cannot perform the Jailbreak now is because they don’t have a Bootrom to exploit. They are waiting for the iPhone 5, in which the Bootrom will be delivered and then they can Jailbreak it.

Once the A5 processor is PWNED. Then your iPad 2 and iPhone 5 will be PWNED for life.