Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

iPad 2 And iPhone 4 Gets Smuggled In China In A New Way.

After All China is China. After fake Apple Store spotted in China and some how the Government started the Crack down on them, they started to close the stores. So after a month we came across a new way to smuggle things. Smuggling got many ways but all of them are used in our daily lives by the smugglers. Some examples we can take are illegal movement via borders, things get stolen and sold in markets for less and so on. there are many ways to smuggle things. If you want to know you can Google them.

But the way these Chinese dudes found out won’t be available on Google and not practiced in our daily lives.The way is really shocking and amazing.

This is the quantity they smuggled and more is to come keep reading.

The quantity noted by sznews is:

seized smuggled iPhone4 phone scene 50, iPad2 Tablet PC 50, preliminary estimates suggest the value of more than 30 million seized steel wheel hand shake

The method told by the news is that they used Pulleys and cable system to smuggle back to China.

The iPad and iPhones were transported over a small river that separates the booming city of Shenzhen from the rural northern part of Hong Kong using an elaborate pulley system. The cable was shot across the border using a crossbow and the Apple products were flying across at night, which store in black nylon bags. The cable was suspended to a high-rise building in the Chinese border town of Shenzhen, and goods were moved several hundred meters from a small village house located in Hong Kong.

See the video below and be amazed:



What do you think about the new way invented by these smugglers?