Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Next Generation iPad Coming March, But iPad 3 Will Not Come Until Q3

Once again, we are here surrounded with the next-generation iPad 3 launches and the current production status, as reported by Digitimes earlier in the morning., Their source believes that next-generation iPad will be soon entered in the mass production to follow the launch of the device in March 2012, but the publication says this iPad product will not be called as iPad 3, but instead said to be an upgraded model of iPad 2.

The publication also spills the beans on iPad 3 launches by noting in the report that the “real iPad 3” will not be launched before the Q3 of 2012, due to some hardware component’s unavailability. The publication dismissed to comment about their source, who provide this information to them, and on which base. They think Apple will release an upgraded model of iPad 2 couple months before of the proper next-generation iPad 3 launches. Digitimes claim that the upgraded model of iPad 2 will support thinner design than current iPad 2 and also offers longer battery life.

The publication also does not talk about the availability of the most awaited ultra high resolution retina display in iPad 3, or upgraded model of iPad 2. We have learned in the past that Apple has already prototypes of iPad 3 but they pushed its launch to next year due to the unavailability of resolution screens and other components.

Well, we must say here, don’t take it too much seriously because it’s still a rumor from the publication, but we can’t also deny the fact that they have a pretty cool track in past regarding leaking information about the upcoming products of Apple. In another stand alone report we learned that Apple to give a complete overhaul to all of its product in 2012, iMac, iPad, iPhone, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air.