Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

iOS Device Remote Diagnostic Service To Come In Future iOS (Confirmed)

The day before it was rumored that Apple is planning to do Remote Diagnostic of its Devices right on the users iDevice, rather than he takes the iDevice to the local Apple Store in his Area. Diagnostic is done when ever you encounter any kind of problem on your iDevice and want to get the best solution of it.

Folks over 9to5mac got the confirmation proof of this new upcoming tool which is said to be implemented in the upcoming iOS by Apple. This means that iOS 5 will be having this feature.

This how the tool is described by Apple internally:

iOS Diagnostics sends an email to the iOS device or provides a manual URL that prompts the user to allow a diagnostic report to be transmitted to Apple. iOS Diagnostics will display that report within GSX in near real-time. It’s that simple.

Apple also tells about the service that can be send to the technician remotely by the iOS Device.

Insight into usage patterns, battery functions, temperature warnings, memory usage, application issues, and more.

Like this the technicians might also get the information about the jailbreak. Whether your iDevice is Jailbroken or not.