Sat. May 21st, 2022

iOS 5.1 Gold Master Build Testing Complete, Ready For Launch

Just ahead of iPad 3 launch tomorrow morning, here we are again with some new tidbit regarding the upcoming media event. Couple of days before,we reported you that Apple has been preparing the iOS 5.1 for the iPad 3 launch and has been testing the beta build from couple of months. It is now reported by Chronic Wire that iOS 5.1 Golden Master has just satisfied the requirements of Apple’s quality assurance, and is now ready to be released in the public right on the media event or after few hours of media event. Apple has typical fashion to release new iOS updates along with media events, the new iOS 5.1 is appeared to be exclusively designed for the iPad 3 with some Siri features for the newer device.

iOS 5.1 Gold Master

Gold Master build is almost the final build of the iOS, and it comes and seeded to both internal and external iOS developers, but this time it appears that Apple has skipped the seeding of iOS 5.1 GM to external iOS developers, and test the newer build inside its house. The report claims that iOS 5.1 is now in the golden master stage with build 9B176 being the final build to be issued for public release.

However, it is reported that the quality assurance phase of the iOS 5.1 have been done in the last three weeks, while working on the iOS 5.1 GM build with Apple’s developer and carrier partners to make it more secure for the public release. In the old iOS 5.0.1 release we have seen many security bugs that allow users to get inside the device with a little trick on the device. iOS 5.1 is also reported to be carrying the fix over the recently released iOS 5.0.1 Untethered Jailbreak Exploit, and will also carry some new languages for the Siri, according to the promise of Apple on the launch of iPhone 4S.