Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

iOS4.3b3 Got Multi-Gestures Support And Much More

Hey folks as we reported before that iOS4.3b3 is seeded to Developers and we promised to tell you about the features of it. We installed iOS4.3b3 on iPad and found somethings very interesting.Below we are mentioning our foundings.


  • The version of iOS4.3b3 is more stable than the previous ones
  • You can put not more than 20 Apps in one folder in iOS4.3b3. As in iOS4.2.1 you could only put up to 12 Apps in one folder.

  • Still no option of Multi-Gestures, But Multi-Gestures are added by Default in this iOS4.3b3. which sounds good
  • You can cancel the In-Progrees Application downloading.

The thing which is not good is the Battery. The Battery is draining fast. Like if I use iPad normally so 1% decreased in a minute or so. So this looks like the issue of the Multi-Gestures. If you dont even play a game still a battery % goes off.

So this is something Apple will have to fix out. And the rest is much stable and good and the bugs I pointed out in the previous video are also fixed.So what we can expect is that when the iOS4.3 will be released it may be having the Multi-Gestures options in it on iPad,iPhone4, and iPhone3GS.

So we can expect a GM in the next week and we hope that this Battery issue is fixed and rest is all good. We will update you next when the GM for iOS4.3 is out. So check the video below and see the difference from the iOS4.3b1 till iOS4.3b3.