Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

iOS4.3 to be Untethered Jailbreak Soon

The day before iOS4.3 was released. After few minutes of the release @MuscleNerd Tweeted about the possibility of the Untethered Jailbreak of iOS4.3 by many sources.

“The 4.3 untether JB could come from many sources.. @i0n1c, the pwn2own contestants, @comex are 3 possible (maybe more?)”

If we talk about @i0n1c, so we have told you before about this that it will Untethered Jailbreak when iOS4.3 is out if you have missed it so you can see it from here. Pwn2own seems to be impossible because reports calim that iOS4.2.1 was kept in Pwn2own contest. There is one more Team of hackers coming and claim that they will Untether iOS4.3. We will unveil them when we are confirmed about them.

Till then what else Jailbreaks can you guess?