Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

iOS4.3 Release Scheduled for Tomorrow?

Few hours back we reported that iOS4.3 is going to come today. But according to The Loop, the early release will actually occur tomorrow.

The speculation of iOS coming early seems to be solid, it’s just the day that’s off. If I were sitting waiting for iOS 4.3 to hit, I’d be ready tomorrow.

iOS 4.3 has plenty of new features including the Nitro JavaScript engine, which will increase Safari Web browsing speeds, iTunes Home Sharing, and enhancements to AirPlay. Potential support for the notion of a release tomorrow comes from a MacRumors reader who just asked an Apple chat representative about the release and was informed that it will indeed be tomorrow.

This is the chat with Apple Store Employee they also said that it will come some time Tomorrow, no time told by them and usually not every Store Employee is kept up to date.Originally it was said to launch on 11th March.

The time which we mentioned before was 1:00 PM Eastern / 10:00 AM Pacific today, the time has passed out and still now release yet. So we hope that it will come some time tomorrow.