Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

iOS Hacker Confirmed 1GB RAM In iPad 3 [Proof]

It seems that everyone is making their tools ready to get their hands on the upcoming iPad 3 launch media event, but still it appears that there are many things that are not confirmed about the upcoming iPad 3 device. Such as the last time rumor report which has claimed that the upcoming device will spot the more RAM memory than iPad 2. iPad 3 is last time rumored to be getting a 1 GB RAM from the Apple, along with the A5X dual-core processor with higher GPU, instead of A6 – quad core processor.

iPad 3 is appeared to be the first device that will be getting a 1 GB RAM from the Cupertino Company, as the all old generation devices are carrying the 512 MB RAMs with higher processor speeds, but this time Apple finally thinks to boast its device RAM memory to 1 GB. However, the famous personality of the iOS jailbreaking community, Chronic Wire, simply comes up with a simple math and discovery of the 1 GB RAM in the iPad 3.
iPad 3 1GB RAM

Chronic Wire has reported earlier this morning that they just got their mind stick into the 1GB RAM, and found out a clue of 1GB RAM from the iPad 3 debugging images published earlier this year by BGR. He reported that the images BGR report carries a string that can leak the simple memory of the device, and it has also done the same. He just calculated the leaked string on the image and come out with the discovery of 1 GB RAM in iPad 3.

It’s been in plain sight since the beginning of February when BGR posted their exclusive photos of debug output from an iPad 3 development unit. The (full) last line says:

vm_page_bootstrap: 244276 free pages and 8396 wired pages

So, just do some simple math:

244,276 (pages) x 4,096 bytes (size of a page) = 1,000,554,496 bytes = 1GB (rounded)

In addition to 1 GB RAM discovery in the iPad 3, the device is expected to be getting a faster processor, and the Retina Display panel with advanced Camera lens, and better battery packs.