Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

iOS Devices Generates 2/3rd Mobile Search Traffic Of Google

Google has indirectly announces the success of iOS devices, and especially a big success of iOS Mobile Safari, Google executive has announced today that iOS devices has more search traffic volume than any other OS, according to him iOS devices generates 2/3rds of total Google Mobile Search.

Its an amazing stats for Apple, and a big success over Google’s owned Android OS which is founded in every other smartphone. Well the traffic mostly comes from the iOS Mobile Safari, where Google has already won the war from Yahoo and Bing to become the default search provider of iOS devices.


We are pretty sure that Apple has acquire some decent amount of money from Google to give this roll in their iOS, well Apple doesn’t only concentrates about money also takes care of users need always try to provide the best quality content to their users. Google has already a crown in providing best search results. The stats comes out during the today’s hearing of Senate Judicial, where Google chief splits of the words in the hearing.