Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

5 iOS 6 Features That I wish to Have

The release of the Apple’s new iPhone 5 is not expected any time soon , however what has sparked the interest of both the experts and the customers, the iPhone followers, is the new software that will power the future iPhones , the iOS 6. It’s not just the hardware that’s important aftreall , the iOS 6 is here to change how your Apple devices are set to look and behave. The newer version of OS is set to be announced at the WWDC 2012, following which a developer iOS 6 beta could be released.

Here is a wish list of the features we would like to see as a part of the new iOS 6 features.


With widgets being the heart of all Android devices, faster access to controls, settings and information; a similar feature on the iPhone has been missing with only two widgets as a part of the notification center. The likelihood of having widgets on the screen are less, so what we anticipate is widgets in the Notification center, through third party applications. However the number shall be kept limited, avoiding the scroll between widgets and notifications making the process more complicated.

Integration with Facebook:

Having integrated Twitter in iOS 5, making sharing links and photos directly from the iOS applications much easier, and a similar integration with Facebook would help. Rather a one tap option to share them to both Twitter and Facebook would be impressive.

Improved Multitasking:

Double tap on the home button, presently gives the multi-tasking menu. However, having a small tab for all operations isn’t feasible. There has been no major improvement in the multi-tasking abilities ever since the last update to it quite some time back. An improvement in iOS 6 for the same would definitely help.

Advancement in Siri:

The ground breaking feature of the previous iPhone, which allows voice integration for commands with the built in iOS; is still in the initial phases being just a Beta feature. The capabilities certainly need to be expanded with maybe by including a third-party application which helps it play playlists, read tweets and even click pictures.

IM in Messages:

Messages will now allow users to exchange test, videos, pictures between iOS users without any additional fees, and the application will sync messages across various devices. The new version of Messages beta for OS X is now connecting to Google talks conversations and AIM along with other IM services. A similar facility in iOS 6 will come in very handy.

IPhone gestures:

Bringing in multitasking gestures in iOS 6 is a must. If a 4-5 finger gestures are available in the new iPad, then there is a possibility that the iPhone with a 4+ inch screen could have a three finger swipe gesture for accessing multitasking bars.


This is just a collaborative list of some of the features we expect, some on Power controls, while some on voice dictation. However, Apple could surprise us with a few more or we could be disappointed like the last time. Let’s hope that some incredible application updates are on their way along with some new features.