Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

iOS 6 App Store “Genius” Goes Live Ahead Of iOS 6 Public Launch

After WWDC 2012, and the preview of iOS 6 first beta in the hands of Apple, we did a brief strip down of its new features under the beta 1 for developers, and noticed many features, which were disable due to development period, but after with the passage of time start appearing in the upcoming beta versions of the iOS 6. Since the very first day, iOS 6 comes up with new App Store, and advanced search system in the App Store on iOS 6 running devices. But including us, everyone one noticed the “Genius” in iOS 6 App Store is disabled for unknown reasons, and don’t provide any kind of suggestion to developers.

However, a day before the public launch of iOS 6 at iPhone 5 launch event, it appears Apple has silently enabled “Genius” for the iOS 6+ running devices. And start providing the new features to the iOS 6 beta 4 running devices. Most recently, Apple has also unveiled the card-view of App Store search results, which was disabled previously, but automatically starts working after specific time. We do believe Apple is still maintaining the iOS 6 App Store at high priority, and there will be number of new features on the launch time.


One of our sources also hints at the iTunes 11 launch at iPhone 5 media launch event along the iOS 6 public launch. The latest iOS 6 is said to be coming up with 200+ new features for the users including the most identical, new music application, new improved App Store, Do Not Disturb, and many other features for the specific devices like 3D Maps, and turn-by-turn navigation for the latest devices powered with A5+ processor.