Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

iOS 5 To Feature “Related People” To Contacts, Builds Social Graph

Day after day we are discovering hell of amazing features of iOS 5, which Apple has hide in it, well another amazing feature is grounded, its related to the iOS Contact Application, just a moment ago we have discovered that Apple has deep integration Social Networking Sites in its iOS 5, and now we are hearing that there is another feature is hidden in app which let you to add “related people” to your contact cards. The Related People option is disabled by default, so firstly you have to add it by tapping on the “Add Field” option from the contact card editing interface.

On choosing Related People option from the bottom, it ask you to select on related relation from among the dozen preloaded labels, such as a mother, father, sister, parent, spouse, partner, assistant, manager and other. It also allows you to add custom label such a doctor, boss or whatever you want, once you picked up the desired label, now simply type the name of contact and then press blue arrow to select the contact from existing contacts.


via 9to5mac