Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

iOS 5 To Feature Early Earthquake Warning System For Japanese Users

One of the most wanted and exciting feature of Apple’s next generation iOS 5 is its notification center, which they have got from a jailbreak developer by hiring him to work for them to put its amazing tweak in iOS 5 as a default feature, there are also many new features that Apple has introduced but iOS 5 notification widget got some decent user interest, as well as jailbreak developers has also showed up their interest by releasing several widgets for the notification system, if you remember we have reported you back on the release of iOS 5 beta 3 that there developers had found some new references to a “Quake Alert” but that time, developers were not able to define its work, or even activate the system, but now according to the new reveal report from the 9to5mac, that “Quake Alert” reference is a new function of iOS 5 for the Japanese user according to the report, which warns the system about the upcoming earthquake, they have also noted that this system only popup on the Japanese localized iPhone’s

We are all well known from the Japan incident of 9.0 density earthquake and subsequent tsunamis, which they have experienced last year. So in order to provide some new feature, Apple has working to introduce a new feature to their Japan users, according to the founded strings the notification of earthquake will be popup in the bottom of iOS notification widget, and other users can’t activate this function until now, this is only opened by Apple for Japanese.