Sat. Jan 29th, 2022

iOS 5 To Enable FaceTime Video Calling In Middle East Countries

Since the launch of Apple’s FaceTime, we have seen many restrictions imposed on the service. First it only limited to Wi-Fi networks, No 3G support and second is Apple enables this service for selected countries not for all over the world networks. Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are one of those countries who are restricted for the use of FaceTime on their networks launched iPhone. But now after the release of iOS 5 beta 1, it seems that Apple is going to make some changes in its service and allowing some restricted countries also to use their service, after the seeding iOS 5 b1 to developers, some dev’s has noticed that they can now able to do FaceTime in UAE and Saudi Arabia.

On the other hand, we are hearing from sources that FaceTime for Mac is still not available for Middle East countries, which let us to think why Apple not changes the rule for their Mac and changed only for iPhones? Well, according to Apple-wd the iOS 5 beta has FaceTime working between iPhones in Saudi Arabia from STC and Mobily, as seen in the screenshot above.


via [Google Translation]