Wed. Aug 4th, 2021

iOS 5 SDK Reveals Retina Display Icons For iPad 3

We have already share a lot of rumors about the iPad 3 and about its display capacity, in recent few months we heard that iPad 3 going to retina display and back in January also found out the some images in iOS apps which size suggests that next iPad 3 will feature 2x times greater resolution than the current. Today guys around the web has finally found out the some more evidence of iPad 3 retina display in the SDK of iOS 5. Deep inside the SDK of iOS 5 folks found out that iPad are capable to display 2048 x1536 resolutions with the upcoming iOS 5. They have found out the iPad 2x graphics icons inside the Twitter framework part of the iOS 5 SDK.

Presence of these iPad 2x graphics in iOS 5 SDK makes sense, because iOS 5 going to the main iOS for next generation iPad 3 and designers has already start working for its next generation graphics. On first getting these graphics inside the iOS 4 SDK, we thought that designer is working on high quality icon by itself, but again founding in iOS 5 SDK and the latest framework of Twitter which implemented in iOS 5 makes great sense that Apple is going to port Retina Display in the next generation iPad 3.


Update: According to the folks of 9to5mac, they have found the same sized icons in the new iOS 5 for iPad Newsstand Application. These images are same to those images found back in January in the iBooks for iPad.