Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

iOS 5 Now Provide You Local Weather and Updates It Hourly

We have already published a series of iOS 5 new features, but day after day we found new features, well today’s it’s not a new feature, but a change to the existing one which makes it more useful and handy for the users. The feature is related to the Weather updates, in iOS 4.3.3 we have to put physical location to get the weather locations in the series of day by day. But now, in iOS 5 the Weather app of apple get update and now has ability to provide you local weather, means you not have to set the physical location manually, it automatically detects your location through the GPS of device and give you the weather, but for it you must have to turn on the Location Service under the Settings.

In addition to it, new iOS 5 provides you weather updates in hourly series, means after every hour it provide you new and much accurate weather data of your local location. All you need to do is setup your device under the setting and after it you will get Weather updates on your device.